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Phase 2 Latest Information

Throughout the project, we will be providing updates on the progress of the project. Check back for the latest information. If you would like to be added to our construction updates, please provide your contact information on the Contact Us page.


Residents with questions can contact:

Lisa Brock, P.E. (RHMG Engineers), Phase 2 Stakeholder Coordinator, at or 847-323-3602

Bob Mateja (Baxter & Woodman), Phase 2 Construction Manager at or 815-353-8020. 

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June 2021

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February 2021

Project Update - 2/2/2021

Despite the heavy snowfall over the weekend, the contractor will be removing 8 trees in the middle of Hibbard Park to make room for the underground stormwater storage reservoir.  The trees to be removed are shown on the exhibit below that is part of the Intergovernmental Agreement with the Park District.

Tree Removal Exhibit.png

Virtual Construction Open House

Meet the Project Team

January 2021

Project Update - 1/21/2021

Hibbard Park Improvements

Work Completed this Week:  Monday, 01/18/21 through Friday, 01/22/21

  • Tree protection fencing layout and erection in Hibbard Park

  • Construction chain-link fencing layout and erection in Hibbard Park

  • Storm-Trap detention facility layout

  • Erection of site camera pole and camera

  • Removal of existing light poles in the Park for reinstallation after construction

  • Wood access mats delivered on site.

Work Scheduled for Next Week:  Monday, 01/25/21 through Friday, 01/29/21

  • Continued Contractor mobilization

  • Site layout of structures and utilities

  • Tree root pruning

  • Erection of construction signage for motorist and pedestrian awareness

  • Begin mobilization for 48-inch casing installation, expected February 1, 2021, including excavation for the auger pits

  • Excavate jacking pits for 48-inch casing installation, expected to commence February 8, 2021 and continue through February 26th


Traffic Expectations

Light semi-truck traffic is expected this week mobilizing the contractor and delivering wood mats to the Park. Although no roads or thoroughfares are scheduled to be closed in the immediate future, construction traffic will be utilizing Skokie Boulevard, Wilmette Avenue east of Skokie Boulevard, Hill Street, and Hibbard Road north of Hill Street for site access and egress.

Work Schedule

  • Anticipated work hours for next week are 7:00am to 4:00pm, Monday through Friday. No weekend work is expected.

Project Update - 1/19/2021

Detention Facility (Hibbard Park) and Associated Storm Sewers
Phase 2 Work in Hibbard Park has started.  The Contractor, V3 Companies, has installed temporary chain-link construction fencing, temporary tree protection fencing, and wood protection mats in Hibbard Park.   For the remainder of January, the Contractor will continue with mobilization activities and preparations for the upcoming excavation and Storm Trap installation, as well as storm sewer installations in the area.  Some existing light poles in the Park will be removed, and the Contractor will stage equipment.

In February, the Contractor will begin construction in Hibbard Park.  Construction activities will include installation of a underground steel casing to receive a 36-inch diameter storm sewer and installation of a soil retention system to prepare for excavation for the underground stormwater detention facility.  

Residents should anticipate heavy construction traffic in the area from mid-February through May as excavated materials are hauled  away, and over 500 precast concrete vault pieces are delivered.  Once the detention facility has been installed, restoration activities are expected to commence mid-May. The Park is anticipated to be seeded and the Contractor's equipment removed from the site by June.

In early March, traffic control will be set up in preparation for storm sewer work along Glenview Road, starting west of Hibbard Park. The work is scheduled to begin later in March and continue through the end of May.  In early May, storm sewer installations on Glenview Road east of Hibbard Park will begin and are expected to be completed by the end of July.  Storm sewer installations along Ramona Road, Beverly Drive, and Hill Street are scheduled during the months of June, followed by sidewalk, driveway, and roadway restoration July through August.  Final landscape restorations will occur through September.

Construction Notification – Start of Work distributed to residents on 1/14/21

​Visit the Phase 2 Project Resources page to view a pdf of the Construction Notification.

Virtual Public Meeting held on 9/30/2020

Visit the Phase 2 Project Resources page to view a video of the virtual public meeting.

Project Open House held on 7/8/2020 at Hibbard Park Fields

Visit the Phase 2 Project Resources page to view exhibits from the open house.

Anticipated Phase 2 Schedule is as follows:


Winter/Spring 2021

  • Hibbard Park Storm Trap: Feb 2021 - June 2021

  • Glenview Rd. (West): March 2021 - May 2021

    • Includes Heather Ln., Frontage Rd., and Milbrook Ln.

Spring/Summer 2021

  • Glenview Rd. (East): May 2021 -J une2021

    • Include Valley View Rd. Kilpatrick Ave., and Valley View Ct.

Summer 2021

  • Romona Rd./Beverly Dr. (South of Wilmette Ave.)

    • June 2021 - July 2021

  • Hill St. (Hibbard to dead end at Hibbard Park)

    • June 2021 - August 2021

Fall 2021

  • Landscape Restoration

Aerial Location Map.jpg

Contractor Information:

V3 Companies

7325 Janes Avenue

Woodridge, IL  60517

PH: 630-729-6343

Project Manager:  Mike Warning

West Wilshire and Glenview_looking north

Village of Wilmette

Neighborhood Storage Project

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