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Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for FAQs from the Village of Wilmette about the background and design of this project. 

As the project progresses, check back for additional questions regarding construction-specific aspects of the project. 

Phase 3 (Thornwood Park) Pre-Construction Notice Resident FAQs

Driveway Access

Driveway access will be restricted only when work is being performed at your driveway or in the street near your home during the day. The Contractor will restore access to all driveways at the end of each day, except days when new concrete is placed at your driveway. (This includes driveway pavement, curb/ gutter, and sidewalk.) You will be informed in advance of any necessary restrictions.

Driveway Aprons

Not all driveway aprons are scheduled to be replaced. In some cases, partial driveway aprons will be replaced to match new curb and gutter. The planned limits for driveway replacement will be painted at the start of each stage.

Parking During Construction

When access to your driveway or street is limited, you may park on adjacent side streets. The Wilmette Police Department has been notified of project limits and should not ticket vehicles temporarily impacted by construction. You must follow existing street signs on adjacent streets , including permanent No Parking restrictions.

Mail Delivery and Refuse/Recycling Pickup

The USPS will be notified prior to the start of work, and normal delivery will continue. The project team will coordinate with Waste Management as necessary, but your scheduled weekly pickup should remain the same. Please have garbage ready for pickup by 7AM; Waste Management may request early pickup in construction areas to prevent delays.

Sprinkler Systems or Special Landscaping Features

Please contact the Construction Project Liaison (Lisa Brock) if you have a sprinkler system or special landscaping feature in the parkway or near the public sidewalk.  We ask that residents with underground sprinkler systems locate these features before construction so that the Contractor is aware of your system before digging in your area.

Water Service Interruptions

A new watermain will be installed on Schiller Avenue and there may be other isolated watermain sections and water services that require adjusting or relocating as a result of the new storm sewer installations. Residents impacted by a planned water service shutdown will be notified at least 48 hours in advance and the shutdowns are not anticipated to last more than 4 hours.

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Neighborhood Storage Project

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